Annette M.
Team Manager

About Annette

Key Experiences

I started as a Customer Service Advisor and now I'm a Team Manager
I've always worked in a Customer Service Role and I'm really passionate about delivering great service. Over the years I've enhanced my skills and now use them to coach and develop a High Performing team.

Current Position

I'm a Team Manager in our Customer Sales and Service Centre
When customers pop on our website they will be offered a webchat - this is the team I manage in our Customer Sales and Service Centre. It's a really varied role where no two days are the same. I also help out with recruiting new candidates.

Main Motivations

The variety and fast paced environment of Customer Services.
No two days are the same here in the Customer Sales and Service Centre and I thrive on the fast pace and ever changing priorities. I really enjoy seeing my advisers grow and develop and take pride in the part I've played to help them. I love supporting my team to deliver a great Net Promoter Score by making every moment special for our customers.

Top Advice

Be yourself
My advice would be just be yourself - then you're naturally more relaxed and confident. This helps in all situations whether it be in an Interview, talking to a customer, or a colleague.

Greatest Achievement

Winning the Together One Team Award.
We recently won the "Together Team" category following the transition of all our sites to the Rant and Rave platform. The award recognises the customer focus across all three of our CSSC sites in Chester, Preston Brook and Cape Town. The change to the Rant and Rave platform has helped our teams work better and ultimately better serve our customers.

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