“ Hi Becky, I'm torn between going to Uni to study logistics or starting work - is there any advice you could give me? ”

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to Becky C. Service Improvement Lead (C&H Logistics), Marks & Spencer

It looks as though you've had a really successful career to date without going to university - would you recommend getting straight into work or do you think a degree would help my career development in logistics?
Service Improvement Lead (C&H Logistics), Marks & Spencer

Hi there,

I think the decision on whether to go to uni or not depends on the individual, but my reason for not going was due to my learning style. I was never very good in exams but already had part time jobs and found it really motivating and discovered I could progress well by 'doing the job'.
Maybe consider;
- what is your learning style like - would a uni course be suited?
- unlike me, you have already narrowed down Logistics as an area, so a uni degree can be helpful to support this
- by going straight into work it allowed me to prove myself and round off my management skills before going into a particular area - I found this really useful and has given me many transfereable skills

I know that's not a conclusive answer, but I hope it gives you something to think about and helps you make the right decision for you.


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Hi Becky, thanks so much for that - it certainly gives me some food for thought! Much appreciated.

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