“ Hi Lindsay I'm really interested in Product Technology. Please can you tell me more about what a typical day looks like? ”

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I'm currently studying Fashion in Manchester and I'm really interested in pursuing a career within Product Technology.
Product Technologist, Marks & Spencer

Hi there, a typical day would usually start with responding to queries that have come in over night from the factories and offices in the Far East - these always have to be tackled quickly so not to delay production.

Next we might have our fit session - done on live models with the buyer and designer present, we assess fit and styling, making comments and taking photos to send to the factory for any changes / resubmissions - this is all uploaded on a live product system so the factories get the information instantly.

After that might be checking fabric performance against our standards for all the styles in development for the coming season.

In amongst these tasks we will be having meetings with rest of the department - e.g. Sales, work meetings with suppliers, development meetings working on new innovations and styles, etc. And we'll be reviewing and checking returned products to see how we can improve quality going forward and dealing with problems that may arise. There's lots more to it but they are the main things you'll find in this kind of role. You do have to work well as part of a team with all the different disciplines, in order to deliver great new product on time for the customer.

Hope that helps


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Thank you Lindsay that it really insightful and sounds very diverse. I have a genuine passion for the fashion industry and would really love to pursue down the product technology route. I really appreciate you taking the time to reply - thanks again!

Product Technologist, Marks & Spencer

No problem - Wish you all the best for your future career!

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